Leaves of the trees – Is throwing them worthy?

2c65a219b97a72f4831b14bf906f24c6If the trees in your garden or lawn are quite a lot avoid throwing their leaves away. Instead, it’s wise to rake them politely and much them. This way, you will make your trees warmer and drier when winter comes and it can prove to be beneficial throughout all the cold season.

Winter months are considered sensitive for trees and you have to take care as much as possible in order to keep the trees warms. Besides, leaves contain many nutrients and several organic things which mean you can insulate the compost pile as well if the rake process and mulching are done perfectly.

Overseeding the lawn

Overseeding the lawn is necessary especially when you see the pieces of patches of lawn looking half dead and half alive. This time, bare pieces are treated well through overseeding and the issue is possible to prevent ahead of time.

Overseeding doesn’t mean except spreading the grass seed but the thing that matters is the time of this process. So, consider doing it early and it should be completed five to seven weeks before the first frost falls. Early over seeding ensures better root systems resulting in having good shape throughout all the spring season.  

Brown needles on the evergreens are considered worrisome since people think the tree started to die. However, it doesn’t mean always the tree is going to be having no life anymore. It’s only a phase seems in some trees.  

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