How to Repair Patches in your Lawn

3-1024x679Kids love playing and having fun same as pets. Most of the time, they will play around in your lawn and this may result in patches. These patches can be either big or small depending on the intensity of the effect.

Small lawn patches can be repaired by sowing some grass seed while large ones might require turf instead.  When sowing grass seen in the small patches consider your lawn needs first. There are different seed types and that’s why you need the right one for your lawn. You’’ have to lay turf the same day of delivery when repair large lawn patches during dryer and warmer months.

Guidelines on how to repair lawn patches

  • Use a rake to loosen the soil in the patch. Ensure there is no dead grass in the patch you are supposed to repair
  • Go ahead and lay the turf for large patch or a grass seed for a small patch. Follow the outlined instructions to make sure the turf is established and the grass seed germinates. Water the patch.
  • Check the repaired patch on a regular basis to make sure the turf doesn’t dry. Keep watering in moderation. Do not overdo it.
  • If you were repairing a small patch, it will take about one week for the first shots to start appearing. In a couple of weeks, the repaired patches will start blending in with the other sections of the lawn. However, this will depend on the temperature as well as weather conditions.
  • Avoid any weed control treatment on the new grass to allow it to get established. Six months is enough time for the grass to get established. Be sure to confirm and follow all the product instructions.
  • Once the grass gets established apply a combination of feed, weed, and mass control to your lawn to keep it in good condition. Consider giving your lawn a feed during summer and spring to keep it healthier and strong for the cold weather in the following months.

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