Lawn Sprinkler In ActionEvery person always wants the best out of everything they do. That explains why you’re doing everything possible to make sure your lawn looks like a baseball field. You want to make sure your neighbors keep passing by your home for tips on how you’re taking care of your grass. Well, here are important tips that will help you when choosing the right blades of grass for your lawn.

Start by understanding the climate of your region

A good way to finding out the types of grass that can grow well in your area is to consult your landscaping professional or a local extension office. There are different types of grass and not all will grow in shade. For instance, Fescue will grow better in the shade compared to bluegrass.

Don’t just consult anyone who claims to be a professional. Find someone who knows and understands the different types of grasses in your area before making your choice. You can have your soil tested at a state agricultural office in your area to determine the right type of grass for your lawn.

What most homeowners tend to forget is that bad soil will result in an unhealthy grass. Be sure to add nutrient-rich soil to your lawn before planting the grass.

Sod or seed: which one is better?

The immediate difference between seed and sod is that the former established itself better for a longer period of time while the later can be rolled out for immediate use. With sod, you can cultivate it elsewhere and install it in your lawn where it will take root after several weeks. When it comes to seeds, you realize that you must cultivate your lawn, prepare the soil before planting the seeds. Whether you choose sod or seeds, you’ll have to water them regularly. Note that the cost of sod is higher than that of seeds.

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