lawn care tips

1400955017646The green, green grass of home. A beautiful lawn is one of the most desired features in gardens all around the world. Here are five useful tips to help you in your hunt for the perfect lawn.

A lawn that will be the pride and joy of the neighborhood and stay lush and green if cared for properly. To help you with this we’ve assembled a list of important things to have in mind as suggested by New Braunfels Lawn Care:

  1. Cutting

Regular cutting of the lawn is important because it thickens the grass. Regarding the cutting technique: Little and often is better than all in one go. Switch directions and patterns each time you mow, so that the grass straws aren’t pressed in the same direction every time. For each cut, the rule of thumb is to shorten the stem by around half to two-thirds to approximately 5 centimeters. In the middle of the summer, you might want to keep the grass a little longer, as it withstands periods of drought better.

  1. Fertilising

Cutting the grass removes nutrients from the grass, nutrients that have to be replaced in order to achieve a maximum of growth. So, from the beginning of spring, you should fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous are necessary and mixes of special lawn fertilizers are readily available at your local garden retailer. How much to use is carefully indicated on the packages.

  1. Watering

If you want a lawn that is lush and green all summer, watering is important. How often you need to water your lawn depends on temperature and humidity. When the grass needs water, it will begin to take on a blue-gray tint, and the older leaf blades on the plant will begin to curl up or wilt. If you have planted a new lawn, you will usually need to water once a day so the seeds can germinate and a good solid root system can form.

  1. Weed Control

With persistence and using the right technique, the battle against weeds in your lawn might actually be won. A lot of weeds can be removed using mechanical means. Smaller weeds (veronicas or white clover) should be removed with a manual scarifier, used often in order to disturb them and preventing growth. Daisies and dandelions should be removed with a root weeder and it’s very important to get as much of the root as possible in order to prevent the regrowth. If you – against all odds – are overcome, you have to consider herbicides. In a scenario where the weeds have overcome the grass, the restructuring of the entire soil and covering it with rolled turf is the best solution.

  1. Scarifying and verification

The grassroots need air in order to be able to breathe and grow. The soil of a lawn is often not sandy enough for the roots to get enough air resulting in stunted growth. With the help of a simple digging fork, you can stamp holes into the lawn and fill them with coarse sand. This allows water from the surface to flow away and also provides the roots with oxygen. In order to clear away dead roots and other debris, you might want to scarify your lawn. By removing the lawn thatch you provide more breathing space for the lower parts of the grass and help the stems grow better.


Lawn Sprinkler In ActionEvery person always wants the best out of everything they do. That explains why you’re doing everything possible to make sure your lawn looks like a baseball field. You want to make sure your neighbors keep passing by your home for tips on how you’re taking care of your grass. Well, here are important tips that will help you when choosing the right blades of grass for your lawn.

Start by understanding the climate of your region

A good way to finding out the types of grass that can grow well in your area is to consult your landscaping professional or a local extension office. There are different types of grass and not all will grow in shade. For instance, Fescue will grow better in the shade compared to bluegrass.

Don’t just consult anyone who claims to be a professional. Find someone who knows and understands the different types of grasses in your area before making your choice. You can have your soil tested at a state agricultural office in your area to determine the right type of grass for your lawn.

What most homeowners tend to forget is that bad soil will result in an unhealthy grass. Be sure to add nutrient-rich soil to your lawn before planting the grass.

Sod or seed: which one is better?

The immediate difference between seed and sod is that the former established itself better for a longer period of time while the later can be rolled out for immediate use. With sod, you can cultivate it elsewhere and install it in your lawn where it will take root after several weeks. When it comes to seeds, you realize that you must cultivate your lawn, prepare the soil before planting the seeds. Whether you choose sod or seeds, you’ll have to water them regularly. Note that the cost of sod is higher than that of seeds.

How to Repair Patches in your Lawn

3-1024x679Kids love playing and having fun same as pets. Most of the time, they will play around in your lawn and this may result in patches. These patches can be either big or small depending on the intensity of the effect.

Small lawn patches can be repaired by sowing some grass seed while large ones might require turf instead.  When sowing grass seen in the small patches consider your lawn needs first. There are different seed types and that’s why you need the right one for your lawn. You’’ have to lay turf the same day of delivery when repair large lawn patches during dryer and warmer months.

Guidelines on how to repair lawn patches

  • Use a rake to loosen the soil in the patch. Ensure there is no dead grass in the patch you are supposed to repair
  • Go ahead and lay the turf for large patch or a grass seed for a small patch. Follow the outlined instructions to make sure the turf is established and the grass seed germinates. Water the patch.
  • Check the repaired patch on a regular basis to make sure the turf doesn’t dry. Keep watering in moderation. Do not overdo it.
  • If you were repairing a small patch, it will take about one week for the first shots to start appearing. In a couple of weeks, the repaired patches will start blending in with the other sections of the lawn. However, this will depend on the temperature as well as weather conditions.
  • Avoid any weed control treatment on the new grass to allow it to get established. Six months is enough time for the grass to get established. Be sure to confirm and follow all the product instructions.
  • Once the grass gets established apply a combination of feed, weed, and mass control to your lawn to keep it in good condition. Consider giving your lawn a feed during summer and spring to keep it healthier and strong for the cold weather in the following months.


house-landscapingEven the most beautifully built house seems unhappy without the good outdoor lawn. Landscaping completes a house and enhances its beauty. Let it be your house, school or office building, if surrounded by greens, will always look amazing . Not only the plants beautify the outdoors but also purify the air and brings positive energy to us. In addition to this different styles of Landscaping ideas and techniques are taking over the professionals. Also the internet is flooding with a number of DIY ideas and information about different kind of Lawn decorating techniques. Some companies like New Braunfels lawn maintenance can do this job perfectly for you. However, very few of them will actually make you aware of the blunders that can happen, if the landscaping is not planned properly.

The first thing that can possibly go wrong while planning a good Landscape is the positioning of the setup in accordance to the sun and wind. This can go wrong in terms of both the plants and for sitting arrangement. The placement of the plants in the garden should be adequate so that all the plants get the required sunlight, water and is also shielded from-fast flowing winds.

Wrong directing plants in the garden may even cause permanent damage or death of a plant. Also there can be times during the day when you want to enjoy a cup of tea in sun! in a sitting area in your lawn but because of unplanned positioning the sun falls right on your head and makes it uncomfortable for you to enjoy in your newly built lawn.  Similar things happen when the wrong positioning is done without taking the winds into account. Hence it is important to know the placements and directions, before you proceed with the landscaping.

The second most common mistake is putting too many decorative items with the plants so that the plants themselves get out of the picture. All the attention is captured by the decorative item and everyone absolutely forget about the plants. The purpose of decorative stuff in the landscape should be enhancement and  not distraction.
Stick with minimum choices and that too of those that beautify the project.

Another thing that can possibly go wrong is planting the plants into more than required depth. Some time we place the plants in so much depth that it becomes impossible for the shoots to grow up from the roots. In addition to this, the plants suffer deprivation from the nutrients of the top layer of the soil, which is crucial for their growth and development. Deep planting can also cause unavailability of water source to the root to in spite of regular care.

Other things that one should be careful are the selection of the plants. Looking at different kind of plants is fascinating as they all look beautiful. But one cannot randomly select the plant for their garden. This should be done by keeping in mind all the factors such as the season, type of soil, water availability etc, so that no future problems should occur regarding the growth of the plant.
Plants outside house are symbol of freshness and if done carefully, bring positivity in life.

Leaves of the trees – Is throwing them worthy?

2c65a219b97a72f4831b14bf906f24c6If the trees in your garden or lawn are quite a lot avoid throwing their leaves away. Instead, it’s wise to rake them politely and much them. This way, you will make your trees warmer and drier when winter comes and it can prove to be beneficial throughout all the cold season.

Winter months are considered sensitive for trees and you have to take care as much as possible in order to keep the trees warms. Besides, leaves contain many nutrients and several organic things which mean you can insulate the compost pile as well if the rake process and mulching are done perfectly.

Overseeding the lawn

Overseeding the lawn is necessary especially when you see the pieces of patches of lawn looking half dead and half alive. This time, bare pieces are treated well through overseeding and the issue is possible to prevent ahead of time.

Overseeding doesn’t mean except spreading the grass seed but the thing that matters is the time of this process. So, consider doing it early and it should be completed five to seven weeks before the first frost falls. Early over seeding ensures better root systems resulting in having good shape throughout all the spring season.  

Brown needles on the evergreens are considered worrisome since people think the tree started to die. However, it doesn’t mean always the tree is going to be having no life anymore. It’s only a phase seems in some trees.